Lorenzo - 11"x14" - oil on canvas - 2018

     When mistakes become repeated when lies are brought to light when the one who meant the most in this world leaves it without saying goodbye, we are given two choices of how to react. When our environment is dark and all we see in our past is shadows, we must know that in order for there to be shadows, there has to be light. The stronger the shadow, the brighter the light ahead. However, without realizing that shadows are from light, we might never turn and look into the unknown. Light is beaming down on your face but you will never know if all you believe exists is a shadow.


     This is my second portrait at the Florence Academy of Art Summer Portrait course. Lorenzo is an Italian DJ by night and a model by day. Such a friendly and witty character to paint. The hardest part of this painting was getting Lorenzo to keep his eyes open after late nights under the lights.
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